Red Bud Center
Austin, TX

ACR Engineering has been involved with the Red Bud Center since the beginning of the project and performed design, construction, and acceptance phase commissioning services for a LEED Gold rating.

The Building Commissioning process proposed for the LCRA Red Bud Center included both Fundamental and Supplemental Commissioning requirements. The basic elements that ACR performed are summarized below.

  • Developed Design-Phase Commissioning Plan.
  • Review of Design Criteria and Construction Documents.
  • Developed Commissioning Specifications for inclusion in the Project Manual.
  • Developed Construction-Phase Commissioning Plan for review with selected contractors.
  • Review of Equipment Submittals, Shop Drawings, and proposed Control Sequences.
  • Developed detailed Pre-Functional and Functional Test Checklists.
  • On-site Construction Inspection.
  • Oversaw Pre-Functional and Functional test procedures.
  • Reviewed Operating and Maintenance Manuals.
  • Oversaw Training Program.