In 1980, ACR Engineering, Inc. adopted the principles of re-engineering and applied the discipline in innovative ways to make buildings and systems more energy efficient and less costly to operate. At the time, we didn’t know energy efficiency and re-engineering would become woven into the very fabric of our company—but they are. We are different, and we’ve made a difference!

Today, energy efficiency is at the heart of each and every ACR Engineering, Inc. project because energy efficiency is in the heart of every ACR employee. We’ve continually improved our methods and expanded our expertise in ‘standard’ engineering services, but efficient energy use is our passion and is still our ‘raison d’être’. It’s a highly valued intangible we bring to every project.

We are different in other ways too. While most engineering companies work through an architect, we prefer to develop our own projects. This means that, from the beginning, we are accessible to you and directly accountable to you from the conception of an idea through the construction and commissioning phases—and beyond.

We are recognized experts in the fields of:

  • Energy Management & Cost Control

    Today, there is a heightened awareness of the need to conserve natural resources by using less energy. But, unlike the common 'turn-it-off' mentality of the early 1980's, there exists today no necessity to sacrifice energy availability or occupant comfort. By adopting better energy use practices and utilizing higher efficiency equipment and controls, you can conduct 'business as usual'. Furthermore, high efficiency equipment has lower maintenance costs and increased lifespan.

    ACR's Energy Management services have consistently produced bottom-line energy cost savings totaling millions of dollars for our clients and billions of pounds of reduced emissions for the earth. We've been successful because we look at the big picture and we take care of the details at the same time. Our engineers are well trained and versed in all elements of energy analysis methodologies, from the small and very simple to the very large and complex. We stay up-to-date on all current regulations, programs, and market conditions which affect or can possibly affect our work—or your facilities.

  • HVAC, Control System, & MEP Design

    Our specialty is analyzing and fixing difficult and problematic mechanical, electrical and HVAC systems. We do much of our engineering in the field with our test equipment and highly developed observational skills, not in the office performing computer simulations; although we are adept at that as well.

    ACR is one of the few HVAC and MEP design firms that has the experience and expertise to design our own HVAC and MEP control systems from the ground up. Our complete independence from all manufacturers and vendors of HVAC and control system products means that our clients will always get what they need, not what the suppliers have to sell. Our standard approach ensures that all documentation is in place and systems are functional before they are turned over for operation.

    ACR specializes in Central Heating and Cooling Plants; District Heating and Cooling Plants; HVAC Systems; Building Automation and Energy Control Systems; Lighting and Electrical Distribution; On-Site Generation; Demand Side Management; Thermal Energy Storage; Utility Conversions; Energy Recovery Systems and Geothermal Systems. If ever you contemplate planning, building or renovating any of these types of systems, call us first. We can design the best system for you, and save you money both short term and long term.

  • Commissioning & Recommissioning

    Commissioning may be defined as: A Quality Assurance process designed to ensure buildings are designed to meet the standards of the user, and built and operated as intended by the design team and end users. Recommissioning is the process to restore an existing building to its original operating parameter.

    If the building construction profession, commissioning is gaining widespread acceptance because new buildings are often delivered to the owner with many operational problems remaining. These problems can cause severe disruptions during initial occupancy and often result in numerous contractor callbacks to be resolved. Commissioning is a process designed to prevent such problems and, if initiated early in the building design process, can significantly reduce the construction cost of a building as well as lower its energy operating costs.

    ACR employs several engineers with years of practical commissioning experience gained in the field on our own projects, and as commissioning agents for other design teams. Few other firms of any size in the United States can field a team of commissioning agents with as much practical, hands-on knowledge of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

  • Energy Saving Performance Contracting

    Energy Saving Performance Contracting (ESPC) can provide Owners with the means to achieve energy efficient facility upgrades and modernization, reduce ongoing operations and maintenance costs, improve indoor environments and occupancy comfort – without requiring any "up-front" capital investment. However, unless clear and unambiguous objectives and guidelines are established before an ESPC contractor is hired, owners can be in for unpleasant surprises. Too often, the ESPC contractor alone determines what work will be done, what equipment will be installed, and who will install it. Often, only the ESPC contractor verifies the savings that are generated.

    ACR's services in this field are intended to supplement, not supplant the services provided in an ESPC arrangement. Acting as the Owner's technical representative, ACR performs all the engineering duties that ensure competition, performance, and accountability. From performing the initial site survey through the final stages of Monitoring and Verification, ACR has the expertise, fairness and grit to make sure you get what you need the first time.

    So, before making any binding agreement with an ESPC provider, make sure you "do the numbers" beforehand. We are ready and able to help you get there by providing unbiased and reliable assistance in this often confusing and confounding profession.

  • Electric Deregulation Assistance, Utility Rebates & Incentives

    Now that electric deregulation is here, how will it affect you? Will your electric costs really decrease? Will you be able to operate "as usual" at any cost? These and many other questions are very relevant today and will be well into the 21st century. It is clear that energy efficient facilities and those that possess some degree of power independence are the ones which will be better positioned to take advantage of power supply opportunities now and in the future.

    ACR is an already established leader in positioning our clients for whatever the future may bring by addressing and coupling current needs with future possibilities, needs and opportunities. We carefully examine current capacities and long-range plans for expansion or renovations and design a phased program that utilizes existing equipment and systems efficiently and creatively while taking future needs into consideration.

    During the last several years, we have obtained utility rebates and cash incentives totaling several million dollars for our clients. Subsequently, every dollar went into the project. Before making any long-term commitments, let us examine your energy and power needs and investigate existing programs that can reduce installation and operating costs while mitigating concerns of providing reliable utility services for your future needs.

  • State & Federal Energy Programs & Initiatives

    Like many other companies in the early 1980's, ACR became active in the Institutional Conservation Program for Schools and Hospitals. But, unlike many of those companies, ACR specialized in implementing energy projects, not just studying and talking about energy conservation. Our practical approach quickly earned us a reputation as innovative problem solvers for a variety of clients and projects.

    Today, we are still very involved in all types of energy programs. We are currently into our second five year contract with the Department of Energy's Federal Energy Management Plan which provides pre-ESPC energy assessments for federal facilities in the Central and Southeastern regions of the United States. We are also under an indefinite quantity five-year contract with the U.S. General Services Administration for worldwide Energy Management Program Support and Energy Audit Services. Additionally, we are an active EPA Energy Star Building Ally.

    Because of our extensive knowledge of energy programs and utility incentives, we are uniquely positioned to provide all of our clients, both public and private, with the most up-to-date, practical and innovative strategies available anywhere in the world.