Over the last 30 years we have become proficient in central plant design, MEP specialties, energy conservation techniques, and environmental practices. While ACR projects routinely require standard mechanical and electrical expertise, our standard approach delivers a highly energy efficient design. Specialization in this field has provided us with extensive experience in the economic analysis, design and implementation of a wide range of projects, many of which are unique. The following projects represent our particular strengths and best illustrate our diverse capabilities.

Commissioning & Recommissioning
ACR employs several engineers with years of practical commissioning experience gained in the field on our own projects, and as commissioning agents for other design teams. Few other firms of any size in the United States can field a team of commissioning agents with as much practical, hands-on knowledge of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

HVAC, Control System & MEP Design
ACR is one of the few HVAC and MEP design firms that has the experience and expertise to design our own HVAC and MEP control systems from the ground up. We are one of the most experienced and stable MEP consulting firms in the United States. We continue to improve our methods of delivery for standard MEP engineering services.